RAC and non RAC Tows

RAC And Non RAC Towing Service Midwest And Gascoyne.

The RAC (Royal Automobile Club as it was known then) was established in 1897 by car champions Charles Harrington Moore, and Richard Simms. When founded, the RAC was recognized as 'The Automobile Club of Great Britain." When setting out the association's regulations, the pair followed the law laid out by the Automobile Club.

In 4 years, the RAC had begun employing their first uniformed patrolmen in the UK. In 1907, they gained royal permission and adopted their current name - The RAC. In 1926, a unique race, different modern day rally's, all truckers started from different places, and all headed to the equal finish line in Turkey, on the south coast of England. 367 drivers from across the world, started the truck race, while 259 drivers completed the 1,000 miles, with an average speed of 25 mph.

In 1960, Black pool became the starting point of the RAC Rally. The RAC operates from any car breakdown call centers that operate 24 hours, seven days per week. The RAC have won the unique JD Power award for three continuous years for offering the UK's best roadside patrols.

In an ever increasingly competitive towing market where the customer needs are complex, the RAC has branched out into various products and services not related to car breakdown cover, some of them don't even relate to cars. The main services which they offer are; This is the main service that we all know and love the RAC for, attending, then repairing or towing our broken down car from the roadside.

Boneham's towing provides breakdown cover for RAC customers on this continent, at Towing service Midwest and Gascoyne, politely speaking staffs are available to assist motorists who have broken down 24 hours per day. Legal Services and Insurance provides advice and assistance to members who are involved in a personal injury claim.

Vehicle Checks - checks vehicles to determine if the car has been either written off, stolen, has previous plates, or outstanding finance agreements. This service is primarily used by people looking to buy a car and check that the car is legal. Bonehams conduct physical checks on vehicles to ensure the car is sound. The RAC also provide a variety of smaller services.

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