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Motorcycle Precautions and Towing Services Midwest and Gascoyne Region

There has always been a positive culture, image or attitude surrounding Automobiles. Whether riding a tricked out Harley, a classic Triumph or just a regular traveller, there is just something about navigating down the highway or zipping within the town on a motorcycle. In today's restraint of high gas prices, they can offer an affordable alternative when fueling up at the pump. But there is also added side to Automobiles: Accidents.

There is a saying among Travelers: If you travel long enough, it's not if you're going to have a mishap, it's just when? And when those disasters happen, they are far more likely to cause severe damage or death. Statistics show that on a per-mile-driven basis, there are 35 times more accidents among motorcycle riders than car drivers, which is why we have Towing Services Midwest and Gascoyne Region. That was a pretty frightening statistics to bear, for closer examination, let's break it down.

  • 56% of motorcycle accidents include collisions with other vehicles
  • 78% of those accidents are from head-on collisions with automobiles or trucks
  • 25% of motorcycle accidents include hitting a fixed thing
  • 75% of motorcycle accidents include the rider, has not properly negotiated with curve sign boards.
  • Half of all motorcycle accidents involve with speed or alcohol
  • Here's one more statistic that may not be so shocking. Super sports motorcycles, the high-powered machines that are constructed on a lightweight racing frame modified for street application, have a four times higher death rate than regular motorcycles. These bikes can reach speeds of above 160 miles per hour and are most often handled by male riders below thirty years of age. Wild speed, increased testosterone, youthful, poor judgment can be a lethal mixture.

    There are steps to reduce the risk of growing statistic and continue to enjoy your two-wheeled fun Motor. It just involves taking a few forethoughts and using a healthy portion of common sense. First and foremost, protect yourself.

  • Always wear a certified helmet - no exceptions! 37% of riders who died were not wearing a helmet, would have probably survived if they had worn one.
  • Wear eye protection: face shield, goggles or sunglasses
  • Wear protective clothing: full finger gloves, boots, long pants, and motorcycle jackets made of a protective material or leather. Some jackets have built-in body armor and even padding.
  • Wear bright colors, including your helmet
  • Maintain your bike
  • Be aware of road hazards like potholes, loose sand, wet road and animals
  • Attend a safety class.

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