Boat Towing And Tilt Tray Services Midwest And Gascoyne

Boat Towing Trailers

It is always essential that you care for your boat. If your boat becomes unusable for long days, you can't transport your boat without a boat trailer, so you will hire a boat trailer, too.

Boat trailers are constructed to fit a specific model of boats. They are not interchangeable among different boat models. So if your boat becomes unusable, it will be difficult to find a trailer nearby that will fit your boat model. You will probably have to buy/hire a new boat trailer or get one made. This will be very expensive, and the new trailer could easily cost much more expensive than an older boat is worth.

You have to back your boat into the water. Water is corrosive. If it is salt water, it is even worse. And if you are starting from a beach, sand is also corrosive. So clean your boat after use, inspect it regularly and treat any corrosion.

As you tow the boat, the grease around your boat machine parts and bearings heats up and becomes liquid. When you reverse your boat into the water, some of this liquefied grease can leak out as water leaks in. So it is important to re-grease the machine parts and bearings regularly.

Tilt Tray Services Midwest And Gascoyne

Tilt Tray Towing Trucks are usually much larger than the normal towing trucks, as they don't just drag your car across streets, they carry them. It has a front seating area, often allowing up to 5 people and a rear area where the car sits. The size of this area also varies as a truck maybe big enough to carry only one car or up to three cars. This area resembles a flatbed and is also called a flatbed tow truck. The tray can be tilted back with hydraulic power till the end of the tray touches the ground. Then a winch rope is attached to the load and using the hydraulic power the load is pulled up. When the entire load is in level with the tray, the tray is tilted back to horizontal position. Now the load is carefully loaded onto the truck, ready to be transported.

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